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German beverages

This is a translation of the article “Deutsche Getränke“. If you want to learn German even faster, we recommend you to read the German-language version.

Summer is coming, and 2 liters should be drunk every day. It’s time we talked about popular drinks in Germany, right?

Check out which German drink you are!

Did you know that Fanta is a German brand and was invented in Germany? And what is the Germans’ favorite herbal tea?

Discover 9 totally unbelievable facts about German drinks – and learn along the way, apt adjectives that describe their taste and effects!

Every drink tastes different. Every drink is attributed a different effect. And some attributes are only used for a specific drink.

Match the adjectives with the drinks! (Some adjectives also fit to different drinks).

You want to participate in the preparation of a German cultural festival in your community and you are supposed to create an appealing drink menu. In German, of course!

Use the adjectives in the correct form from the last exercise to create the perfect drink menu!

What is your favorite drink? And why – how do you like it and what effect does it have on you? Let us know in the comments!

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