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Spices, spices!

This is a translation of the article “Gewürze, Gewürze!“. If you want to learn German even faster, we recommend you to read the German-language version.

German cuisine is rich in spices – new spices found their way into the pots and pans of the Germans from near and far in the long European history. And even today, new spices are constantly coming into fashion and changing the local flavor landscape.

But: Do you already know the appearance of the most popular spices? Find out what they look like in this picture card game!

Now let’s learn a little more about these spices!

In the following reading text, the spices are introduced to you. Can you manage to answer all the comprehension questions about the text correctly?

It’s show time! Can you match the spices to their names correctly?

And what about the healing properties?

What spices do you use and for what? Let us know in the comments and share the page with everyone who is also enthusiastic about learning and loving German!

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