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The Perfect Resume (Job Hunting in Germany, Part 2)

This is a translation of the article “Der perfekte Lebenslauf”. If you want to learn German even faster, we recommend you to read the German-language version.

The resume is part of every good application. But not every resume is designed well enough to attract the attention of your future employer. Here we show you how to draft a convincing resume in German and what you should pay attention to.

The first question that many applicants have to ask themselves is: What should be included in a resume and what information is optional? You do know? Then quickly put it in order!

Here you can see the resume of Fabio Cruz. He wants to apply as a nurse. How is it structured and what information does it contain?

Match the headings to the sections and answer the questions!

Below you will hear a radio interview with an expert on the topic of resumes. What tips does the expert give on the topic?

Listen to the interview and choose all the correct answers to the questions! For each question, more than one answer is correct!

Tip for the listening part of language exams: Read through all the questions first. If you already have a hunch that an answer might be correct, mark it. Then listen to the listening text and check your guesses and complete your answers!

Lili Tu wants to apply to be a lawyer. Here she writes briefly how her education went and what she has already done in her life.

Help her to arrange her resume correctly!

Have you already applied for a job in German? What did you take into account when writing your resume? What problems did you have and who helped you? Let us know your experiences in the comments!

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