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“So, let’s meet!”

This is a translation of the article “Lass uns doch treffen!”. If you want to learn German even faster, we recommend you to read the German-language version.

Larissa and her friend Anna live in Frankfurt . Now Larissa wants to meet Anna again after a long time and arranges to meet her via Messenger.

Did you understand everything? When and where do Larissa and Anna meet?

What the two talk about in the cafe? We recorded the conversation for you, but unfortunately some words are a bit unclear! Read the conversation and fill in the gaps with the correct word.

By the way: Larissa already speaks very good German, almost like a native speaker. How does she do that? You’ll learn the trick on the second page!

Now Larissa writes an e-mail to the Foreigners’ Registration Office because her residence permit is about to expire.

Examine Larissa’s e-mail and find out how it is structured!

Larissa would also like to further improve her German language skills in a language course. She therefore writes an e-mail and asks for a consultation appointment.

Put Larissa’s e-mail in the right order!

When and for what have you already asked for an appointment in German? Let us know in the comments!

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