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“Your turn: clean the bathroom!” (Life in a shared flat, part 1)

This is a translation of the article “Du bist dran: Bad putzen!”. If you want to learn German even faster, we recommend you to read the German-language version.

Friday is cleaning day in the shared flat. Carlos is supposed to clean the bathroom and toilet today – but how does he do it? First, Carlos looks up the names of all the objects in the bathroom in his dictionary app on his phone.

What are the names of the objects? If you’re not sure, use your phone to look them up, too!

Carlos now knows the terms and wants to find more information on the Internet. But… what were the items called again in German? And how are they spelled correctly?

Do you know all the terms and can you help Carlos?

Carlos’ roommate Lena explains to Carlos what he should do and shows him the available cleaning and cleaning supplies.

Carlos wants to write these down in a picture vocabulary list. What does Carlos have to write?

Now it’s time: Get to work. Lena explains what Carlos should do.

What does Carlos have to do now?

Done, the bathroom is clean again! Do you also live in a shared apartment and clean the Bab from time to time? What tips do you have for Carlos? Tell us in the comments about your experiences in a WG in Germany!

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